Testing and Analysis

glassLocal and international testing & analysis, has determined that I AM NZ™ Spring Water is one of the finest and most pure spring waters in the world. Water testing carried out in 1999 by R.J. Hill Laboratories Ltd. in New Zealand determined that:

  • The water is extremely pure with traces of various mineral elements including a high concentration of silica.
  • A complete absence of harmful contaminates such as agricultural, bacterial and industrial chemicals.
  • Readily meets the requirements of the New Zealand, Ministry of Health & Welfare and Food Regulation 1984. Raw spring water is high in Silica, has neutral pH, and is low in salts, high in oxygen (ORP) and of considerable age, several hundred years. Water consumed at the source imparts a very refreshing feeling, lasting some minutes to hours.

I AM NZ™ spring water typical analysis (mg/l)

Sodium 31 Magnesium (Mg) 2.4 Calcium (Ca) 6.8 Chloride (CI) 43
Potassium 3.1 Silica (Sio2) 57 Nitrate (N) < 0.1 pH 6.9
Total Softness 27 Total Dissolved solids 162

Energy nil Fat nil Protein nil Carbohydrate nil
Non carbonated   No preservatives   No additives   Sterilised by ozonation

“I AM NZ™ spring water has been described (in the Nov 2004 Food & Beverage article on water comparisons) as “smooth and velvety with a clean texture and perfectly neutral taste.......seems to glide over the palate and dissolve gently rather than “wash” the mouth. Excellent.”