Our Water Source

Premium Silica-Rich Spring Water From New Zealand

Our spring water is one of the very few rated as suitable for human consumption direct from the source.

Spring water is forced up under great pressure to flow from springheads found throughout the area. A natural flow rate of over 90 litres per minute allows us to access high volumes without affecting the natural balance of the aquifer.

Few other developed nations are as rich as New Zealand in terms of natural water. Water that goes through this natural filtration system is of exceptional quality and purity. Many people who drink spring water do so because the water has such a clean, refreshing taste that is unequalled by other waters – and the better the water tastes the more people will generally tend to drink.

Only spring water sourced from an underground, water-bearing stratum (as defined in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code) with natural minerals may be labeled as natural mineral or spring water. NO extra minerals may be added to the water.

I AM NZ™ water has nothing removed, nothing added to its natural product. There is also no exposure to atmosphere (air or light) from the source to bottling.