Naturally Better

girlNot all waters are created equal!

A majority of bottled waters are referred to as ‘spring water’ but in fact, for most that is not accurate.

Most bottled waters are treated purified water or municipal tap water – generally of good quality but often lacking in the natural, pleasant taste and benefits of spring and mineral water.

Around 60-70% of our body is water, so it is really important for every cell to be adequately hydrated every day for us to function properly. Therefore the quality of the water we drink really matters.

I AM NZ™ water is a genuinely natural
mineral and spring water

Spring water or aquifer water is water derived from an underground formation (aquifer) from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. To qualify as ‘spring water’ it must be collected only at the spring or through a borehole tapping the aquifer.

Mineral water is water containing more than 150mg/l of total dissolved solids (minerals). Most countries recognize mineral waters as having properties favourable to health.

Natural spring and aquifer water


An aquifer is an underground reservoir of water. The water that reaches these reservoirs is generally much purer than the water of reservoirs at the earth’s surface.

Most, if not all, pollutants will be filtered out as the water passes through the volcanic layers leaving it virtually bacteria-free.

The aquifer is refilled by rainwater and underground streams, so it is important for them to be contaminant free. New Zealand’s geographical position means that it is a long way away from the pollution of major industrial countries so our aquifer holds some of the purest water you can find anywhere in the world. Fresh water comprises a miniscule proportion of the world’s water supply so aquifers and springs - natural sources of clean water - are extremely important.