My First Yogurt Range

is buzzing with life! Real Yogurt that’s Deliciously Fresh! 

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  • Makes   : 1/2 Litre of Yogurt
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  • With billions of Live Lactic Cultures, including Bifidobacterium Lactis, High Protein, Source of Calcium, Gluten & GMO Free

Len Light our CEO invented this Yogurt-Making-System over 25 years ago. It has been used all over the world by people who want the best for their family, because freshly-made yogurt is the best, with its abundance of live and active cultures!

The ‘My First’ Yogurt Sachet Range (for our Mini Yogurt Maker) contains cultures with a creamy and mild taste which are especially beneficial for young children. By making I AM NZ™ My First Yogurt fresh at home you can ensure that your child receives the best start for ongoing intestinal health.