Distinctly & Purely New Zealand Infant & Toddler Nutrition For the Most Important Time in Your Child's Life

We are passionate about our product. We want every child to have 
the best possible nutritional start in life.

So much choice - Infant formulas: there are so many out there!
How do you decide which one to choose for your precious baby?
Gone are the days where infant formulas were little more than reconstituted cows milk. With advances in scientific and nutritional knowledge our team of top food technologists have developed formula that not only provide much needed premium quality nutrients but also a specially added probiotic called bifidobacterium lactis, in order to deliver benefits for your baby.
In our I AM NZ™ infant formula we dose at over a billion per day live lactic cultures.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) define a ‘probiotic’ as a live microorganism which, when administered in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit to the host.


Getting the right formulation - when breastfeeding is not possible
The right formulation of Infant Formula is crucial and must be based on sound nutritional and medical principles.

The basis of I AM NZ™ formula is New Zealand cows’ milk that has been naturally modified with other important nutrients to ensure it is nutritionally as close as possible to breast milk to enable infants to thrive.

Each stage of your baby’s development places different nutritional demands on their diet.

From birth to around six months your baby’s weight will double and by twelve months they will be three times their birth weight. Not only does their physical body grow but also their brain develops at the fastest rate in their lifetime. These and other types of development have differing requirements from nutrition. I AM NZ™ provides formula to suit each development stage.