Bifidobacterium Lactis

Eating the right type of food that includes probiotics (or in your baby’s case our I AM NZ™ MY FIRST Yogurt) can properly balance the microflora of the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract) in favour of beneficial rather than harmful bacteria.
Our formula carries a Probiotic called bifidobacterium lactis. This is a healthy or ‘friendly’ bacteria perfectly suited to improve and sustain the health of your child.
Why is I AM NZ™ infant formula one of the best providers of probiotics on the market?

In our I AM NZ™ infant formula we dose at over a billion per day live lactic cultures. Our probiotics provide I AM NZ™ with a uniquely designed and specially formulated probiotic.

We all know that ‘breast is best’ but for those babies who are formula fed, they don’t have to miss out on everything breast milk has to offer. It has long been known that a healthy gut is vital to the overall health of a growing baby because a child’s gastro-intestinal tract and immune system is immature. By supplementing your baby with our world class probiotic in our nutrient rich I AM NZ™ infant formula you can be assured that your baby is getting optimum health benefits by building up beneficial intestinal bacteria.

(Parker 1974; Fuller 1989).

What do the studies show?

Studies show that infants supplemented with probiotics in their diet have a lower rate of colic and a reduced incidence of antibiotic use.

DuPont™ Danisco® Probiotics : Clinicians recommend probiotics to help treat infant diarrhea, anemia, pneumonia, iron deficiency and respiratory infections and to assist in growth. In addition doctors and clinicians worldwide, include probiotics in their arsenal to treat eczema, lactose mal-digestion, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Are probiotics safe to use?

One of the most prestigious schools of medicine in the US charged with making recommendations of safe food for the youngest and most vulnerable in the American population recommend probiotics such as Bifidobacterium lactis in the diet of young children.

"Nonpathogenic live bacteria are consumed as food by many children, particularly in the form of yogurt," write Jose M. Saavedra, from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Well-documented trials endorse the safety of and recommend the use of probiotics in infant formula. 


“All Probiotic-supplemented infant formula is well tolerated and safe”…, according to the results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial published in the February 2004 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.. Whelan and Myers ( Feb issue) 2004
In addition to that Bifidobacterium lactis has been cleared as safe for human consumption by the reputed EU funded Prosafe project, which concluded that this organism has no harmful metabolic or toxigenic activities associated with it nor any detectable acquired antibiotic resistance.