Weight Gain and Growth


Your baby is unique and as such comparison with stages of development should be general rather than too specific. If you have any concerns about your baby’s development you should contact your health professional.

The best way to tell if your baby is getting enough milk is if they are gaining weight and growing. Additionally your baby should have at least six wet nappies a day. If they are having more or less than this you may need to alter the amount they are fed – consult your medical professional if unsure.

Weight gain should be relatively steady and growth may be in stages. If your health professional provides you with a growth chart for your baby and puts your baby’s weight and growth on this you need to be aware that this is compared with an average of all babies – and , as you can imagine, some babies are large and some are small , so the most important thing to remember is that wherever your baby starts on the chart it is more important that they show continuous growth from that start point.

At about the age of four months your baby should be able to consume larger amounts of milk at each feed so that you can start to decrease the number of feeds per day. For instance if you are feeding infant formula you could decrease from five 200ml bottles a day to four 250ml bottles by the time they are around six months.

When you start to introduce solid foods from about the age of four months infant formula will continue to be an important part of your baby’s diet. Some babies may need extra fluids so it is important to look for any indication that your baby is too hot as over-heating and resulting dehydration do not just happen in hot weather, particularly if your rooms are kept warm in winter by additional heating and you may keep your baby well wrapped up in blankets etc. If your baby is sweating they may be too hot.

Cooled, boiled water is recommended – do not offer bottled mineral water which may have too high mineral content for your baby to manage. Do not offer fruit juice as it is too acidic and it is too concentrated.