Feeding Guide for Babies

butterfly_iStock_000019129666SmallEvery baby is different and may have different feeding requirements. Here is some information which may help you find what suits your baby.

For new babies breast milk or infant formula is all they need for the first four months.

It is not advisable to offer solid foods before the age of four months without talking to your medical professional.

Although breast milk or formula is still going to be the most important component of your baby’s diet, from four months to six months of age your baby should be ready to try solid foods to supplement this milk. Your baby may be ready to try solid foods when they;

  • Have good head control, are able to hold their head up
  • Their mouth opens easily when food or a spoon touches lips
  • Their tongue does not stick out
  • Food stays in their mouth and is moved to the back and is swallowed

Some foods your baby may be ready to try (always remove peel and seeds from
fruit and vegetables):

  • Cooked and pureed fruit such as apples, pear, peach, apricot
  • Cooked and pureed vegetables like carrot, courgette, pumpkin, sweet potato (kumara)
  • Raw mashed banana, mango, avocado
  • Infant cereals – rice based and iron enriched, mixed with boiled and cooled water or breast milk, or formula.