Buzzing With Life

Studies have shown that the live lactic cultures – friendly bacteria – contained in yogurtBuzzingWithLifeBee help maintain the body’s delicate microbial balance. In store-bought yogurt, however, these cultures slowly die off as the yogurt sits on shelves for weeks following mass production and transportation. Freshly homemade I AM NZ™ yogurt, on the other hand, contains the highest levels of beneficial live lactic cultures. These cultures enhance intestinal health and boost the immune system, benefiting your health beyond providing basic nutrition.

The body’s sensitive microbial balance is especially important for young children. For example, bifidobacteria are typically the most abundant species of intestinal microflora found in the intestines of breastfed infants, and are regarded as a primary factor in their greater resistance to disease. The live lactic cultures in the I AM NZ™ My First Yogurt range are specially designed to support the intestinal health of young children with a specifically formulated balance of lactic cultures. By making I AM NZ™ My First Yogurt fresh at home, you ensure that your child receives the best start for ongoing intestinal health.