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Yogurt For All Generations butterfly_iStock_000019129666Small

Len Light invented this technique of creating a live cultured yogurt from a powder over 20 years ago, using just 3 steps. This is a new and improved Premium version with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, whilst still high in calcium and gluten free. It is a real yogurt containing billions of live and active lactic cultures, including L.bulgaricus, S.thermophilus, FloraFIT® L. acidophilus).

These lacto bacteria cultures, still alive, arrive intact, to line and balance, protect and enhance, the overall health of your intestines. By regularly consuming freshly made I AM NZ™ Family yogurt you promote a healthy environment for the vital good bacteria to flourish.

A balance in favour of good bacteria in your intestines is a powerful ally in preventing illness, in the easy passage of waste material, in the reduction of gas, and most importantly in the uptake of essential nutrients from your diet. Growing active children need help developing strong bones and teeth. People with stressful or busy lifestyles: sports people, pregnant or lactating mothers, those needing to normalize cholesterol or fat levels, those with poor appetites, poor digestion and anyone with a lactose intolerance, can all benefit from eating I AM NZ™ Family yogurt daily.

The elderly benefit because it provides much needed and easily digested calcium and other essential nutrients. It also helps to keep them regular.

Eat I AM NZ™ Family yogurt to help feel the benefits.