The Best Of New Zealand


“We love our brand. We are a homegrown Kiwi company who want to share with the rest of the world, the best NZ has to offer.”

State Of The Art Factory

Having created our own custom-built factory, we can oversee the entire process to produce a product of excellence. We are a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience producing the highest quality DAIRY and PROBIOTIC products in New Zealand for countries around the world. The I AM NZ™ brand stands for premium quality because of our team’s expertise, particularly in New Zealand dairy based products.

New Zealand’s environment is a valuable asset – the I AM NZ™ Infant Formula Range combines the benefits of working in a clean green environment with high quality production and testing facilities. New Zealand has a pristine environment with amazing quality raw materials – we have combined these attributes to create wholesome product formulations for your baby.

New Zealand ingredients and New Zealand expertise

It takes skill and experience to put together winning formulations. From sourcing materials, to balancing taste and nutritional optimization our technical experts pay utmost attention to detail. We always source from approved raw material suppliers who have stringent food safety systems and who provide high quality ingredients. All our raw materials undergo a rigorous testing regime in our QA laboratory before and during the manufacturing process. In addition every product has the necessary verified barcode, batch number and expiry date to ensure all products can be traced.

Highest Quality Nutrient Rich Milk 

Some of the highest quality milk products in the world are produced in our clean green country. The geography of New Zealand, particularly the soil and climate, means that it is ideally suited for growing grass. Lush pasture is available for grazing all year round, which means our healthy cows produce exceptionally well-balanced, nutrient-rich milk, which is hormone-free and pesticide-free.

Safe and Pure - Produced to New Zealand Regulations

As you would expect New Zealand has stringent regulations surrounding the dairy industry, food processing and food packing. All New Zealand industries are accountable to AN INDEPENDENT MONITORING BODY such as MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries), on the methods and products used in the production and packing of Milk Products.

Quality Assured

All the following standards are met or exceeded so that you can be confident in everything we manufacture – from the accuracy of our labeling and quality of our ingredients to the superiority of our products:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice Standards
  • HACCP Food Safety Standards (for testing)
  • International Standards for packaging (GMP and USA HACCP based)
  • Australian and New Zealand Food Regulation Guidelines
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Regulations
  • New Zealand Dairy Standards
  • New Zealand Food Safety Authority
  • WHO Guidelines (World Health Organization)